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Michigan Property Managers wants to be your partner in property management! We keep you connected to your properties, and your tenants, through a four-part property management equation:

Promotion + Protection + Communication + Calculation = Success!

Through these four areas, Michigan Property Managers supports you so that your relationship with your renter becomes an easily manageable one.

Through our promotion, we help you cast a wide net to publish your listings, so your property receives more visibility on the web, resulting in less vacancy. We find the most potential customers for your property. This web based tool helps you manage the interest in your property, and get back to those leads that you want to turn into renters.

How do we ensure you have qualified renters? Protection. We help you protect your investment by providing you with immediate online access to rental applications and application payments, criminal background checks, and the potential renter’s eviction and rental payment history. This tool helps you select quality renters, and also eases your rental turnover rate.

Now ... your property has been marketed, and you have selected your qualified tenants. How to manage it all? Communication. Again, this ability is at your fingertips! Tenants and owners can communicate easily through our customer portals. Tenants can update information, send emails, make payments, submit service requests, or give notice to vacate. Owners can update information, handle work orders and invoices, run reports, and send emails. There is always documentation which, lends itself to accountability on the part of the tenant and the owner.

Calculation is the last part of our four-part property management equation. Through our software, all monetary dealings for your property can be handled at your laptop. Your accounts receivable, accounts payable, deposits and fees ... all handled in the comfort of your own home or office. You don’t have to run around to the banks and compare statements. It is all online for you!

In addition to our online tools, we have the expertise in our office to help you with any questions you might have! Our team has over 150 years of combined experience to draw from. You name the situation, we have probably dealt with it before. We also have in-house legal counsel. Meet Our Team to learn more!

As you can see, Michigan Property Managers has the tools to make sure that your rental experience is manageable and trouble-free. Best of all, the information you need is at your fingertips. Contact us today to find out more about how to make our four-part property management equation work for you!

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When it comes to the Internet, Michigan Property Managers has every corner of the cloud covered. We use nearly 40 unique Web sites to post your properties.

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