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Condominiums can be attractive to renters and owners alike because of the cohesiveness of the community. These communities require a lot of maintenance to keep the property in tip-top shop. Most of that work is done by the condominium association. A condo association has jurisdiction over all exterior building maintenance (roof, siding, sidewalks, porch, deck trash). They also cover lawn care and snow removal, care of the common areas, and trash removal.

Sometimes, working in a cohesive way in a condo association is a difficult thing. Homeowners have their own ideas of what is best for the community, and local counties and townships have requirements which must be met by the property.

Michigan Property Managers can help you in this area. We will assist your condo association board in understanding the calendar of requirements, tax issues, insurance applications, increasing property value and the like. At Michigan Property Managers, we want to partner with you. Our team can help navigate through the confusing world of property managing and ensure you can enjoy your property as a homeowner, instead of spending most of your time managing it.

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