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Meet Jay Greenspan

Jay Greenspan

Jay Greenspan co-founded Michigan Property Managers in 2004. Mr. Greenspan's responsibilities include new business development, maintenance of client, investor, and municipal relations, acquisition opportunities and brokering for the company. Mr. Greenspan has over 30 years of real estate experience, ranging from residential to commercial properties. He began his career by operating the family business and later co-founded Michigan Property Managers. Mr. Greenspan has keen business knowledge that allows him to remain on the forefront of market trends and alert to the ever-changing needs of the real estate consumer. Jay holds his Real Estate Broker's license with the State of Michigan.

Chris Baldridge

Chris Baldridge

Chris is a highly experienced licensed Real Estate Broker with over 20 years of experience in the business. He's been an investor, an agent, a property manager and a broker. Chris is an expert at evaluating real estate opportunities, assessing values and negotiating the best possible price on behalf of clients. Chris is a true real estate professional & enjoys all aspects of the business.

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Meet Harold Greenspan

Harold Greenspan Harold Greenspan co-founded Michigan Property Managers in 2004. Mr. Greenspan's responsibilities include new business development, client relations, and overseeing investment opportunities. Mr. Greenspan has been involved in the real estate business for over 50 years. His career began by investing in real estate and later co-founded Michigan Property Managers. Though his focus has been buying and selling residential, commercial, and industrial properties, his experience has granted him the ability to recognize valuable lease and rental opportunities. Mr. Greenspan is a licensed real estate agent with the State of Michigan.

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Meet Karen (Charlip) Laub

Karen Laub

Karen joined the MPM team in the spring of 2008 and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. Karen brings over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate management. Karen’s experience started in New York City where she worked as software analyst for a large data systems company. She is the daughter of a very prominent local CPA and has an extensive accounting background which enables her to maneuver through the financial picture for our many clients and tenants. Karen is also a licensed Michigan real estate agent and proudly hangs her license at the office of Michigan Property Managers.

Meet Angela Taub

Angela joined the MPM team in fall of 2008. She brings over 8 years of administrative and management experience to MPM. She is our section 8 specialist and her relationships with key people at local housing commissions prove to be priceless to our customers. Her abilities to expedite the pre-court process in eviction situations lends to faster turnovers. She benefits our investors daily by performing special projects in the areas of federal grants, law enforcement investigations, and losses.

Meet Lou Samson

Director of Quality Control and Operations Manager

Lou SamsonMeet Lou Samson – Former Master Chief of the U.S. Navy, Lou takes great pride in running a 'tight ship' and now a quality operation at MPM. Lou is involved in many of the 'day-to-day' operations with MPM including Quality Control, Maintenance and Staff Coordination. Owners, tenants and MPM staff are fortunate to have such an experienced and highly decorated war hero at the helm, to oversee operations and produce positive outcomes for all.

248-268-8700 ext. 6123

Meet Cari Cowen

Cari Cowen

Cari joined the Michigan Property Managers team in fall of 2010. Cari has extensive experience in real estate including but not limited to BPO's, Appraisals, Inspections and Real Estate Advertising. Ms Cowen has been licensed to sell Real Estate in the State of Michigan since 2004. She is currently our key showing and leasing agent specializing in leasing/ listing Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak Areas. Cari is also one of our maintenance directors, scheduling daily work orders on tenant repairs and our co pilot on single family residential remodeling. Cari brings positive enthusiasm to the MPM work place and is a valuable asset to our team.

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Meet K'wame Robinson

K'wame Robinson

K'wame N. Robinson, a retired Automotive Design Engineering and Auto Show Manager, brings 30+ years of accomplishments from such companies as Ford Motor Co., Sanyo Automotive – USA & MSX International. His people skills with professionals and management experience translated well into the investment real estate arena. Being a 10+ year property owner/manager, he has actual hands-on experience with all the challenges of property management, development and maintenance. K’wame also is an accomplished jazz Baritone saxophonist and Bass clarinetist.

Meet Kim Kozlowski

Kim Kozlowski

Inspections & Utilities Coordinator

248-268-8700 ext. 6121

Meet Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Real Estate Agent / Property Manager


Meet Kyle Swidan

Kyle Swidan

Onsite Property Management / Ann Arbor Office

734-369-9550 ext. 6141

Meet Wayne Panek, Jr.

Real Estate Agent

Meet Sid Roth

Sid Roth

Real Estate Agent / Property Manager

248-268-8700 ext. 6138

Meet Tamara Robinson

Real Estate Agent / Leasing / Maintenance Dept

248-268-8700 ext. 6143

Meet Jill Moore

Leasing Approvals/Section 8 Coordinator

248-268-8700 ext. 6007

Meet Maye Landa

Maye Landa

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

Agente de bienes raíces. Se habla español.

Ann Arbor Office. 734-369-9550 ext. 6145

Meet Wisam Jirjis

Wisam Jirjis

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

للاستفسار باللغة العربية اتصلوا ب وسام

248-268-8700 ext. 6148

Meet Lana McCurdy

Lana McCurdy

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

Свободно говорит и пишет по русски.

248-268-8700 ext. 6149

Meet Jo Conley

Jo Conley

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

248-268-8700 ext. 6147

Meet Regina Bronstein

Regina Bronstein

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

248-268-8700 ext. 6150

Meet Sharon Enoex

Sharon Enoex

Licensed Agent / Property Manager

248-268-8700 ext. 6151

Meet Samantha Taub

Maintenance Department Administrator

Samantha is a very detailed staff member that helps coordinate a variety of repairs and maintenance between tenants, owners and contractors. She has a friendly personality and is a great communicator. She is a valued member of our MPM Team.

Meet the In-House Maintenance Team

In-House Maintenance Team